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A unique concept. She provides graphics

upon black pages to demonstrate

the substance of the vast experiences

of black life described in white print.

It is an artistic conceptualization

through the lived lives of a cross section

of the elders of the black community.

"It is remarkable".


Attorney Lawrence Kennon

Retired Civil Rights Attorney



A beautiful and pivotal work capturing the essence of many profound trailblazers. The narratives provide a riveting account of their incredible journeys. It is sagaciously and

creatively constructed.

The photographic images perforate the black landscapes on which they are applied.

The words of the elders create a “diapositive”, a true photographic image with vivid transparency

“A Generation Found: Precious Pearls of Wisdom” provides a clarion call for the indominable spirit of our living ancestors. Truly a beautiful tribute and a transcendent legacy for all that



“To forget one’s ancestors is to be a brook without a source a tree without root”

Chinese Proverb

“Every day of your life is a page of your history”

Author Unknown


Dr. Patricia Watkis May




With the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly taking away our elders, Roohee Marshall's  A Generation Found: Precious Pearls of Wisdom is a welcome and refreshing tribute to a generation who has survived racial segregation and discrimination , only to come out on top of the world. They are the from the renowned theatre producer and director Woodie King Jr., Malcom X's  publicist A. Peter Bailey, poet and publisher Naomi Long Madgett, photographer Roy Lewis, actress Vinie Burrows to the unassuming 108 year old Jessie Winston, their pearls of wisdom are priceless gifts for succeeding generations. Wrapped and interlaced with brilliant photos, the text is a testament to the ingenuity and resiliency of those who found their way onto a path of light amidst the surrounding darkness of systemic  racism.  Ms. Marshall has chosen to honor the elders while they are living in a beautiful, memorable book.


 Nubia Kai, Ph.D.

 Poet, Writer, Activist

We need that voice the human landscape that we are always searching for, that love supreme you bring it back to us. Our generation remains authentic because of you.

Dr. Acklyn Lynch.  


Humor, joy, love, wisdom rendezvous  on the pages of this amazing tribute to the wealth of beauty embedded in the hearts and minds of our elders.  Read if you want to be inspired to reach new personal heights.  Read if you need something to still your thinking and calm your soul.  Read if you are interested in learning history through the eyes of those who lived it.  Read for whatever reason compels you, but do not neglect to read, enjoy, and savor the insights and the spirits of a generation found.  This book is a tribute to the best in all of us.  I got goosebumps just looking at the beautiful pictures of elder women and men and their words took me over the top.

Daaiyah Saleem, Ph.D.

Albany State University

 "One of my favorite songs is " Precious Memories', especially as sung by Aretha Franklin and James Cleveland.  It is those kind of memories provided by 

Roohee Marshall's inspirational book, " A Generation Found: Precious Pearls of Wisdom." I highly recommend it as a valuable gift to young black folk."

A. Peter Bailey

American Journalist, Author, Lecturer

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