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"I want to travel as far as I can go and reach the joy that is in my soul and change the limitations that I know and feel my mind and spirit grow. I want to live exist, to be free and hear the truths inside of me.

Roohee Marshall… was born in Natchez, Mississippi, Roohee received her education from University of Southern Mississippi and started working in the field of Medicine and Holistic health. Throughout her life's career, Roohee specializes in promoting healthy alternatives embracing peace and a balanced state of mind. As a therapist, facilitator, and coordinator of many holistic events, Roohee conducts private workshops and counseling, as well as wellness retreats focusing on solutions to living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  In 2004 she founded her company, Pause for Serenity.  


She came to realize that one of her life's  missions is to contribute to the preservation of her family’s legacy that has been passed down by her elders and ancestors in the world village.  In 2018  Roohee became an author working on two books: “A Generation Found: Precious Pearls of Wisdom,” and in 2020 her second book;  "A Generation Found: The Journey Continues." Roohee decided to share this vast profound knowledge and wisdom she learned from her elders in  “A Generation Found: Precious Pearls of Wisdom." Both books  are available now, with a collection of 91 interviews  photographs by Roohee of gallant, high-spirited, courageous elders in different parts of the country who shared their words of wisdom from long profound lives that are full of rich experiences that can be passed on to other generations.  

Roohee Marshall

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